Momentum Planner 2017 - Self-development & Customizable Tool

You all know my obsession with planners, so when Mariana reached out to me, I was so excited! Momentum is such a unique and great take on a planner, truly inspiring! I know 2017 is going to be a year for me to get more organized and definitely work on some self-development so this will be perfect! 

Momentum combines the best of goal-setting, self-development and productivity tools into one beautifully designed book. This planner was just launched today, Wednesday November 30th , 2016 and will be available in English and German. This tool recognizes every person´s potential for development and for achieving great things. Based on the well-established personality model developed by key4you GmbH, it encourages people to discover themselves, to maximize their strengths, work on their limits and accomplish every goal they set for themselves. Momentum provides a short test, which helps its reader to understand what his unique personality model is.

The planner is then organized in 12 different themes and explains how each personality type experiences each one of them: How do I find a work-life balance? How do I deal with stress? How do I engage in relationships? How do I work in a team? How do I manage my time? As the year moves ahead, so will the themes and with them the reader - learning more and more about himself. Who doesn't want that?! 

Momentum helps in the development of self-awareness, offers structure and direction, and has the potential of taking each person to wherever they want to go! 

Are you ready to take on 2017 like a boss? I know I am! 

Overall I am very impressed, I love the flow of the planner and how there are inspirational quotes, goals, and a monthly overview. Not to mention a new self-development task to work towards! I have been on the journey of self-development for quite some time and I think this will help me out and I think y'all should pick up one for yourselves! Mariana is giving the early birds a special deal so don't forget to check out the page out below and let's support our fellow planner boss!