I'm Back!

Hi loves! I am so excited to be back blogging and documenting my style, travels, beauty and life in general. As some of you may know I was an avid beauty and fashion blogger from 2012-2014 and have made incredible friends that I still keep in touch with as well as worked with different companies! Those two years taught me so much not only about myself, but business, marketing and the route I wanted to take in life. I know this may sound cliche but blogging saved my life. Those couple years were some of the hardest and blogging was an outlet for me to have my own space to go to and forget the world. It also led me to launching my graphic design business Cali Jae Designs. After helping other bloggers with their websites and creating logos, graphics, etc for them plus having my professors and fellow students telling me how I should go into that field because of my talent, that is when CJD was born. Once CJD was born I kept building and building my empire and slowly the old Cali Jae died out. I had found my new passion and needed to focus on that. Since then, I have had people tell me to bring Cali Jae back because they missed it and I have missed it over the years but never acted upon it until now. I had the domain sitting there, I had graduated with a degree in fashion merchandising for goodness sake (pursuing another degree in graphic design as we speak) and growing my Tumblr over the past 4 months may have been the biggest motivator of them all. Reblogging incredible fashion photos had me yearning to blog about fashion and write my own blog posts. I have met amazing ladies all over the world and have the best community on there by far and is certainly my favorite social media site at the moment. I am so excited to be back in the game and looking forward to having you come along for the ride!

Leave me a comment below about what you love about blogging and what inspires you!

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