5 Ways To Destress

I know your probably saying, Cal you are one to talk since you are the most stressed out person of life. BUT, I have found some tactics that truly work for me and I hope they work for you!

1. Write out your thoughts 

This helps to get all the clutter that is swirling around in your head out on paper. Write down what is stressing you out, your thoughts, what is bothering you. This really helps to release some stress so your head doesn't feel as if it is going to explode. 

2. Take a break from technology

This is a biggie. Once I feel that onset of stress coming on I know it is time to step away from the computer and the phone. It is definitely hard since I rely on my computer for work and such. Go for a walk or just sit and write or go hang out with some friends. Being away from technology for a while will help restore that energy and inspiration! 

3. Essential Oil Diffuser

This is my newest way to destress and I have been in love with essential oils recently. I keep a diffuser (so cool how it lights up 7 colors!) in my room which I fill with water and add some drops of Anxiety Ease oil. After breathing this in for a while, I promise you will feel a bit better! 

4. Meditate or yoga 

This is one area that I would like to get better at because I always feel more at ease after meditating or doing some yoga. This not only helps your body relax but it puts your mind at ease and you can really clear your mind. 

5.  Read a fictitious book 

There is nothing like drinking some tea and picking up your favorite fiction book. I say fiction because I feel like it puts you in another world so you kind of forget about your stresses for a bit. I am currently reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown (I am obsessed and highly recommend it, am I the only one completely fascinated by symbology and mystery?)

Leave me a comment below and tell me what tips or tactics you use to stay stress free!