My May Goals

I am a #goaldigger for real. I have always been big on goals as I believe that setting them and putting actions into place to accomplish them help you to achieve your goals thus making you more productive.

Get on a workout schedule

I really want to get in better shape and get on track for the Summer. I want to build up a little more muscle and tone my body. I am determined to put together a workout schedule that works for me and that I stick to!


This year I am decluttering the Konmari way and have been pleased with how it is coming along. I would highly recommend this method for anyone who has trouble staying organized. For the month of May, I plan on going through ALL of my papers and reorganizing my desk area. 

Read more

I am an avid reader and have not been making time to read and I miss it. I have so many books on my book shelf that are either half read or waiting to be read and I plan on making time everyday to read whether it's for 5 min or an hour. 

Meditate in the morning

Last year I was really good with my morning routine and spending time meditating to get my mind straight. Life kinda got in the way the past few months and I really want to focus on meditating more this month. 

Drink more water

I recently bought a water bottle from Blogilates that has a cute inspiring quote on the front and then a time table on the back of how much water you should have drank by a specific time. I love filling it with lemons as a good detox, plus it makes the water taste better :) 

Go out more

Everyone knows how I can be the biggest homebody (I work from home and am in an online bachelors program) and I really want to get out more whether it's going to a cafe to work for a bit, go out with friends or go on a fun photoshoot with my sister. 

What are your goals for May?