Sephora Haul + Mini Reviews

This month I decided to treat myself to some (much needed) new makeup. I am so happy with all of my purchases and am ecstatic to share with you guys. If you follow me on Snapchat you would have seen my mail time opening! P.S. If you aren't already following me on Snapchat you should come join the Snapfam HERE!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes XL

I have been on the hunt for years for a jet black waterproof eyeliner that does not budge on my waterline. When I say years I mean like 10 years in the making. When I had the opportunity to get this as a deluxe sample I jumped and am so happy. When I tell you that this is by far the best eyeliner I have ever tried in my life I am not even joking. It is jet black and stays put in my waterline for the day. For me to say that is huge because I have the most watery eyes of life. If you are in the market for an eyeliner, go try this one out you won't be disappointed! 

Sephora Green Tea Sleeping Mask

While I was browsing the Sephora website, I came across these masks. First of all can we just talk about the fact that they are only $4?! I REPEAT $4! I have always had trouble with my skin so I said what the heck and added it to my bag. I have used this every single night since I have gotten it and I am in love. This will for sure be a staple from now on. It really helps my blemishes and helps keep my face matte. 

Jack Black Lip Balm in Black Tea and Blackberry

I feel like I have tried every lip balm there is to try. But this has quickly become a vital part of my skincare/makeup routine. First of all, it smells incredible and it is so moisturizing, doesn't leave that weird white line or dry your lips out after a few hours. 

Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder

After all the hype on youtube about this product, I decided to try it because I seriously needed a new powder especially for my oily skin. This is a great under eye powder, my concealer does not budge or crease and it looks flawless. For the rest of my face, I am not so sure I am sold on it yet. Granted I have only worn it with BB cream but I felt like I kept needing to reply it every couple of hours and #ain'tnoonegottimeforthat

NEST Citrine Fragrance Rollerball 100 Point Perk

I was so excited to try out this mini bottle of adorableness because I had heard a few people talk about how great it was. This has become my daily fragrance and I am completely in love with the smell! Of course I love the size as well because it literally fits anywhere! 

Dr. Jart + BB Cream

I wanted this BB cream because I was in the market, it helps blemishes, has SPF and I know Dr. Jart is a reputable brand. I adore the coverage of this BB cream and goes on like a dream. The only thing is that it comes in one shade (idk how the heck it matched me) and makes me quite oily during the day so I definitely have to wear a powder with it. 

Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer

I had tried a sample of this and had to buy the small size of this. I remember years ago talking to friends about makeup and stuff and comparing my pores to the size of Asia.. Well let me tell you, my pores were severely diminished after using this and helped my makeup stay on all day! 

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Deluxe Sample

I have dreamt of buying this perfume for years and years. The only reason I never bought it was because I have a few that I promised myself I would finish before getting this. Well when I saw it as a free deluxe sample, you can probably imagine how excited I was. Again, with the mini adorable package! You know when someone says "Omg he/she is so cute I could put them in my pocket!." Well this is when you can actually put the cutie in your pocket ;) 

Sephora Mirror Lip Gloss

Let's be honest for a second, the only reason I bought this was because it was $3 and I needed $1 to get free shipping (these products are from a couple Sephora packages). It was well worth the $3, let me tell you. It is so shiny, doesn't feel sticky and lasts! 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Milkshake

I don't know about you, but every since I saw these liquid lipsticks I have wanted one for literally about forever. I wanted to get Pure Hollywood but it was out of stock so I figured I would try Milkshake. I needed a nude lip color and was not leaving until I got a liquid lipstick clearly. This lipstick is the most opaque full coverage lip product I have ever tried. But, for skin tones like mine, it should not be worn alone and at that full coverage point because you will look hella scary. After putting a couple of dots on the middle of lips over the MUFE lip liner and adding a bit of the gloss it has become my go to lip color. I feel like I successfully learned how to wear this shade and will definitely be doing a blog post on the lip combo because I know so many of you who have no idea how to wear it because it is so nude! 

Shesiedo Eyelash Curler

I have never owned an eyelash curler in my life. I know, I did take a bit to successfully not poke myself in the eye but I am SO happy I got this one because it is amazing!! 

Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Waterproof Lipliner Pencil in Nude Beige

I was also in need of a good nude lipliner and a waterproof one at that. When I tell you this stuff won't budge, it won't budge. Between this and the eyeliner I think I may buy every waterproof product because I'm hooked. 

Fat Girl Slim Skin Firming Cream

I am not fat by any means but there are some areas that I would like to tone up before Summer. I will keep you guys updated on how I like this! 

See what happens when you don't shop at Sephora for over two years? I happened to find so many amazing products that work for me and that will be repurchased over and over. Sometimes you just gotta #treatyoself! Please let me know if there are any products here that you would like a full review of and I would be happy to do it! 

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