Focusing on Your Happiness + Well-Being Featuring 2018 Momentum Planner

“By being a happy person, by focusing on the good rather than the bad, on the positive rather than the negative, on what we rather want rather than what we don ́t want, we are able to transform ourselves, our lives and the lives of those around us” – Luminita Saviuc, in Purpose Fairy

If you remember my post last year about Momentum HERE you will know I love this planner and I love how Momentum has incorporated so many important aspects that so many of us don't focus on enough. 

2018 will be a year focusing on myself, my health and accomplishing my goals and I am so excited to use this planner to help me on my journey because I truly believe that if you put in the work and create goals and do some self-reflection, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. 

Momentum 2018 is a planner that focuses on your happiness and well-being.

It encourages you to know yourself, to discover what happiness means to you and to lead a simple, positive and fulfilling life.

Momentum Planner 2018 includes:

  • smooth white 100g paper
  • pages designed for you to mind map your dreams and goals into four key areas of your life: work/education, leisure, relationships and personal growth/health
  • monthly beautiful illustrations to inspire your days during the upcoming year
  • inspirational quotes and prompts throughout the planner that will encourage you to find out what happiness means to you and to bring more joy & positivity into your life
  • two extra pages at the end of each month that will offer you room to reflect, take notes, dream, doodle, plan & celebrate
  • functional layouts that help you set yearly and monthly goals
  • yearly and monthly calendar overviews
  • weekly outlook for planning your week
  • finance sheets for you to keep track of all your spending
  • trip planner for you to plan every wonderful get-away and vacation
  • 222 beautifully designed pages with plenty of space for your big ideas and plans
  • dated January - December 2018
  • classy matt hardcover
  • a set of four bonus power sheets that will: offer you tips on how to lead a happier * more positive life, encourage you to know yourself, to understand your strengths and to explore how you can live a happier life everyday, help you reflect on what you have accomplished in 2017, encourage you to set goals for 2018 that will maximize your happiness in four key areas of your life: work/education, leisure, relationships and personal growth/health. 
  • a set of two sheets of stickers to help make your planner more personal and colorful (one flag sheet and one functional icons sheet)

Leave me a comment below and let me know how you will focus on your well-being and happiness in 2018! 

*this is not a sponsored post, these are 100% my opinions and views on this product*