The Growing Beauty & Wellness Trends to Watch

When it comes to beauty, wellness, and self-care, there are always new trends that come and go each and every year. From skincare products, new makeup looks, and the latest hairstyles to fad diets and buzzy exercise classes, it’s really up to us which trends last and which are just that: trends. Read on to find out what beauty and wellness trends that have been making their way onto our radar.


Natural Skin Care

Recently, there has been a growing shift towards all-natural skin care. Our skin is our biggest organ, after all, so it absorbs every single thing that’s put on it. Beauty lovers have become much more mindful of what ingredients are in the products they use, so people are turning to lotions and cleansers that are nontoxic. Ideally, these should be free of parabens, paraffin, gluten, soy, dairy, and synthetic dyes and perfumes.

Ingredients such as organic avocado butter, nettle, olive leaf, pure sea clay, and activated charcoal, as well as a variety of essential oils, are great for your skin and come together to form soothing cleansers that increase elasticity and collagen production, stimulate cell turnover, and provide the hydration that your skin craves.


Sheet Masks

Korean beauty has been all the rage for some time now, and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Also known as K-beauty, this is a trend that is here to stay, and we have no complaints about that. With a focus on innovative, natural products that bring noticeable and lasting results, we’ve all benefited from this growing obsession—seriously, our skin is glowing! Some of the best products that have come from the K-beauty craze are sheet masks, and we will be the first to admit that we can’t get enough of them.

These are thin, face-shaped masks that are soaked in serum and applied to the face for an extended period of time. They work so effectively because they allow the serum to sit on the skin’s surface, with the mask acting as a sort of shield that keeps all the moisture locked in. This allows all the ingredients within the serum to really penetrate the skin before drying out, and you’re left with a supple, bright, and hydrated complexion.

Bold Eyeliner


Another beauty trend that has been having a moment is colorful eyeliner. It can be worn by itself to add a simple pop of color, or combined with eyeshadow for a bold, dramatic look. Some of our favorites are deep, shimmery blues, smokey blacks and metallics, teal, or even rose hues. Each of these is appropriate for different seasons, so you can wear them to everything from summer music festivals to the family Christmas dinner. Moreover, eyeliners come in a variety of forms, from pencil to liquid to gel, so no matter your preferred method of application, there is something for everyone.

Yoga and Meditation

Strike a pose and find some balance with yoga or meditation. Many gyms offer classes with experienced instructors so you can learn what poses are best for various health issues, if you have any. From back pain to headaches, stress to anger, yoga and meditation can help. If you can’t make it to a gym, try a meditation guide app for your smartphone. For a few minutes a day, leave it all behind for your own mental wellness.

Self Defense


More and more, our society is full of strong women standing up for themselves and others, so it’s no surprise that women’s self defense classes have been super popular of late. Heighten your awareness, increase your strength, and learn valuable skills that can help you protect yourself more effectively. By combining training for real-life scenarios with input from law enforcement experts, these classes provide the knowledge and tactics that you, unfortunately, may one day need. Self defense is definitely one trend we hope doesn’t fade away, because everyone should know how and be able to protect themselves.

Have you tried any of these beauty and wellness trends this year? Let us know in the comments!


About the Author:

Constante is a freelance writer. As an advocate for clean, healthy and balanced lifestyles, he writes about developments in health and wellness, along with natural skincare and beauty products.