How To Dress Throughout The Weekend

While it is restrictive, it is easier to decide what to wear throughout the working week. Whether strict or relaxed, the office dress code gives you a set of expectations to work with and ensures you do not have to think too hard about what you are going to put on each morning.


The weekend is altogether more of a minefield, with you having to balance what is expected of you by various people and at various events with your own personal level of comfort and the extent to which you are prepared to sacrifice it in the name of fashion.

This short guide gives you a few pointers for getting through a diverse weekend of different events and demands to provide you with a few hints for how to make your own style slay the weekend!.

Friday Night

After work, you are probably heading out for a few drinks with your colleagues, to wind down after a busy week. Ditch the formal jacket and unbutton your shirt by a couple of buttons (assuming you have some good women's undershirts underneath!) to shed your daytime corporate self and look at a bit more ready for fun.

With your jacket slung over one shoulder, you break up the generic suit-ed and booted outline a little and stop people seeing you as just another desk-slave, so you don't have to be defined by your job once you're free of it on a Friday night. You might want to keep a pair of glitzy heels under your desk to change into, to give that formal suit a bit of glitz and glamour.


Saturday is often a hectic social day  - maybe lunch with a friend and a friend's birthday to attend in a bar this evening. 'Smart Casual' is what you are aiming at, but that can be an ambiguous phrase to parse. You do not want to overdo the smart and feel too formal for throwing shapes if that is what it comes to. Similarly, you do not want to end up looking too casual and look like you don't care enough to make an effort.

Well fitted jeans and a blazer over a well-chosen T-Shirt are a tried and tested solution: you have got a formal outline, but the details show you're not about to head off to a funeral. A graphic tee always looks great and can be paired with a pleated maxi skirt and sneakers for more casual looks. 


Reserved for recovery from Saturday's excesses, Sunday is usually much more relaxed. Take your pick of comfortable sweatshirts and track pants. You could even indulge in some high end, cashmere athleisure gear if you really need to feel luxurious as you relax. The trend for using activewear for leisure purpose means you will not look out of place if you need to head out to the shops, for lunch, or to a bar for a hair of the dog.