Enhance Your Self Esteem In 3 Simple Steps

Some people are seemingly born confident. If you aren’t one of these rare breeds, the chances are that there are some aspects to your looks, your lifestyle or your finances that can make you feel inferior to others. This could be something as simple as having stretch marks on your legs, making you feel self conscious enough never to wear a bikini on a vacation. The chances are you could wear a bikini and no one would even bat an eyelash at what you are so self conscious about. But for some reason, your self esteem isn’t up to the level that it should be. Take a look at these three simple ways you can enhance your self esteem.

Enhance Your Self Esteem In 3 Simple Steps.png

Social Media

If you have a presence on every social media platform going, from Facebook to Twitter and from Instagram to Snapchat, then you need to take a social media detox. Now. Yes, NOW. Social media can be a damaging influence on our self esteem. Being confronted by images of people’s seemingly perfect beach views, healthy food and beautiful complexions can leave us feeling low. These heavily filtered images are fake, and we know that they are fake, and yet they still have a negative impact on us. Scrolling through our feeds for hours every day is a waste of our time. We end up feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied with our lives.

Instead, do something different with your life. Go outside, go for a walk, start jogging, go out for dinner a little more often, and pick up the phone and actually chat to a friend. Being more active and present will add hours to your day, literally. This means that you will have more time to work on yourself rather than be confronted with mindless updates on other people’s fake lives.


Everyone has something about their body that they are unhappy about. This might be our double chin, our cellulite or our weight. Some of these things you can do nothing about so you need to learn to embrace your imperfections. Other aspects of our looks we can change. If you want to lose weight, try hitting the gym. If you want to have a straighter smile, consider braces. Plenty of adults pay for them now to improve their self esteem. Invisalign is one of the most popular choices as the aligner is clear. So, what is Invisalign? Invisible braces without the old school train tracks metal. Win, win.

If you don’t like your locks, have a haircut, change up your hair color or have highlights. If you are concerned about your complexion, treat yourself to a facial, have a spa day and enjoy a bit of pampering.

Do Something New

Our self esteem can take a knock when we feel stuck in a rut. If you feel a little bored with your weekly routine, do something new. Enjoy taking some time out to enjoy a new hobby, whether this is trying out a martial art, learning a new language or brushing up on your cake decorating techniques. There’s a pastime out there for everyone to have a go at. You can extend your social circle, make new friends and find your confidence boosted.

Leave a comment below on tips and tricks that help you enhance your self esteem!