5 Surprising Reasons You Should Write Every Day if You Want to Succeed

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Fellow bloggers among you will know just how much a single productive writing session can shape the success of your business on any given day, but how well do we truly understand our precious skill? Writing is so much more than mere work. For those who relish in the process, it becomes a calling and it permeates everything that we do. Yes, despite the occasional creative rut we get stuck in, the beauty of writing seems to outshine all of its challenges.


However, what about those whose work doesn’t entirely rely on writing? Perhaps you’ve been too busy wearing a multitude of other hats in your own business to consider that this single practice could change the course of your own career growth. The following are just a handful of reasons that just might inspire you to pick up a pen every now and then and try your hand at wordsmithing to boost your success!

1.    Reflect in order to grow

Life is usually moving so fast that we rarely get the chance to truly contemplate what is happening to us and around us. Writing gives us a safe place to slow down or completely escape the notion of time and take an entirely different view (or several) on any given situation. It helps us express our emotions and our thinking patterns emerge, allowing us to recognize our own misconceptions and become better over time.

Studies have shown that this type of daily writing has a positive impact on our critical thinking, which is essential both in everyday life and our professional development. When there’s a difficult decision to make, pick up your journal and scribble away!

2.    Be an inspiration

 If your own work incorporates a hefty dose of daily writing, you likely come across many people in your own niche whose articles and bits of wisdom give you a morale boost or make you smile on a particularly bleak day. Imagine being that to someone who desperately needs it.

Writing is an incredible way to make a difference, in your community, as a trusted source of information, with your knowledge or your personal story. We as humans are madly in love with words, and when you pour your heart and soul out onto a piece of paper, or the digital version thereof, you significantly improve your chances to connect to your audience. The old saying that the pen is mightier than the sword is no coincidence.

3.    Get your creative juices flowing

No matter what you do, offering innovation is the one thing that keeps businesses afloat and at the forefront of growth. In order to keep that edge, it takes an ample dose of creativity to keep sparking new ideas that will drive personal and professional advancement. Writing is a simple way to tap into your creative well of novelty and bring your ideas to life.

You’re on the train heading home, scrolling down your social media newsfeed? Instead, you can take out your trusty ballpoint pens and a notebook and start brainstorming on your next novel, unique product, or a great blog post. Nothing drives success like unhindered imagination taking shape in your own words.

4.    Hone your communication skills

Whether you’re looking for a new job, wish to advance in your current one, or you’re tackling the endeavor of entrepreneurship, you need to connect. In order to do so successfully, leave a great first impression and attract a wider readership, your words need to resonate with your audience.

Regular writing sessions let you review, play with, and enrich your vocabulary, as well as your entire communication approach in a wide variety of situations. It gives you time to process your thoughts and find the right words, and that in turn helps your brain do the same when a crucial conversation takes place.

5.    Build your identity

It’s so easy to get lost in this sea of trends, online and offline alike, and lose our own voice as we are immersed into the noise made by others. While we’re all growing, developing creatures that strive to improve all the time, it’s essential that we can always recognize our true selves – and this is where writing can help you safeguard and shape your identity.

The solitary process of writing gives you a safe space to face your fears, limitations and all your innermost struggles. It’s a healing tool that will always let you recognize your own truth, and stay devoted to your own purpose, whatever it may be. After all, authenticity is one of the most invaluable qualities that define success today, so why not do your best to cherish it with the help of such simple, rewarding habits, such as writing?

Contributor: Olivia Jones

 Olivia Jones is a psychologist, passionate writer, an entrepreneur, a traveler and conscious consumer, seeking healthy and sustainable products to incorporate into the lives of her family. Visit her over on her website and Twitter