5 Trends In The Fashion Industry You Need To Know About

Trends, by their very nature, will tend to come and go. However, hopefully these particular trends will be here to stay. We're not talking macrame or crazy couture today, my friends, so listen up – we're going to get real. Check out the following five trends in the fashion industry that you need to know about.

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Trend 1: Reducing Our Carbon Footprint


It's fantastic that we're all getting more environmentally aware these days, but I'll be the first to admit it can be a minefield. I do my very best to decline all plastic bags, I recycle as much as I can and straws, well, you won't see them touch my lips these days! We've all been making an extra effort it seems – since 2012, we've reduced our carbon footprint by more than 12% in the UK.


Trend 2: Choosing Ethical Clothing


We all do our bit as best we can, but how many of us actually consider where our clothes come from and how they are made? I know a lot of people probably think they can't afford ethical clothing (so did I), but read on for a hot tip on how to afford ethical clothing on a budget.


It's pretty important for modern fashion brands to be aware of how their clothes are made and how their fashion impacts the environment. Now more than ever, we have to pull together and make a proper effort for the planet. As more and more major online retailers offer eco-friendly lines, it's becoming easier for us to make the choice to buy ethical clothing.


Trend 3: Ditching Disposables


It's not just straws that we've kicked to the curb – disposable cups are SO last season and not set to make a comeback anytime, ever. We're rocking Keepcups pretty hard ourselves. They're such good quality and there's no risk of spilling tea on your box-fresh top, as they are so well-made and tightly sealed.


Trend 4: The High Waist


Making a very welcome comeback is the high waist. We've seen it in 'Mom' jeans, now check it out on bikinis, trousers, skirts, and shorts – basically any kind of garment you wear on your bottom half. It’s especially flattering if you like creating that nipped-in silhouette.



Trend 5: Affordable Eco-friendly Clothing


Here's a hot tip – eco-clothing can be more affordable than you think. Gone are the days of premium prices for eco brands. Mainstream online retailers now offer eco-clothing lines - ASOS now source 34% of fibers for their own-brand range from sustainable sources and if you look out for offers you can do really well.


So let's do it together! Check how your clothes are made and where they come from. If your fave retailer doesn't make it clear then ask them! If enough of us keep asking the question then they will have to do something. And for the time being, let's shop where we know ethical choices get made. It's good for your pocket and the planet!