7 Shoes Every Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe


Women and shoes go together like eggs & bacon, fish & chips, and salt & pepper.

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With so many great designs available – and so many ways to buy gorgeous shoes at the touch of a button – the temptation to pack your shoe rack with footwear is all too real. Some of us dream of having a walk-in closet that features fabulous footwear from floor to ceiling!

As budgets rarely stretch that far, let’s get serious and look at the seven shoes every girl needs (and wants) in her wardrobe.

High heels

This is an option that can appear in great abundance in many shoe collections, and is often where your biggest investment lies!

However, every girl deserves at least one pair of heels bought for impact and the feel-good factor. They don’t have to be practical, but they do need to make you feel confident and glamorous.

Colour depends on the prevailing theme of your evening or event wear, but these days the design options are so extensive, why not go all the way and get bold colours for your statement shoes?

How far can you go for “stand out” shoes for special occasions? This blog looks at the shoes worn at the Royal Wedding and it gives tips on what’s in and what’s out.

Black pumps

Flat pump shoes often go hand in hand (or foot in foot) with your impractical but stunningly beautiful high heels. Versatile pumps can sometimes fit snugly in purses and handbags to provide relief when “going out” shoes leave you sore or in peril.

Pumps are always a great fall back for brunch with the in-laws or days when comfort matters most. Owning them in black makes them highly versatile.

Nude court shoe

These can, in fact, be any color, though nude is a great option to mix and match with a myriad of different outfits. The main aim is to have a pair of shoes that are perfect for days when you are “adulting”. For work meetings or job interviews, a smart court shoe can be ideal to flatter business skirts, dresses or trousers.

A firm heel can lift your posture (and your confidence), without giving you too much height that can causes a tripping hazard at the worst possible moment.

Ankle boots

Whatever the climate is like where you live, a stylish but robust pair of ankle boots is a wardrobe essential. They can look great with jeans and trousers, or funky and fun with your favourite skirts and dresses.

Leather and suede – particularly in brown – are often the material of choice for a great pair of comfortable ankle boots. For vegan and vegetarian women (or anyone else who avoids animal by-products) there are also some great faux leather and suede boots out there on the market.

Strappy sandals

For beach holidays – or simply to show off your pedicure on warmer days or at evening "dos" – a pretty pair of strappy sandals are a must. Heeled strappy sandals can look glamorous, but flatter versions can be really comfortable to walk in, too!

Team them with jeans or shorts and they can look casual, but you can add a splash of sophistication if you opt for embellished versions.

Comfortable but stylish sneakers

Hooray for whoever decided that it’s a good idea to wear sports and leisure wear every day, and for every occasion! It means the list of essential shoes for women has to include a stylish pair of sneakers. These are super-comfy shoes that match a wide range of situations, such as Vanswomen can slip into whether they are wearing dresses or jeans.

Gym/running shoes

We’re all more aware of the need to take care of our bodies these days, which means many women are hitting the gym, taking classes or running to get fit. Fortunately, gone are the days when your dodgy and whiffy sports shoes had to be pushed to the back of your wardrobe.

Though sneakers such as the Vans women range are comfortable for everyday use, for the gym, classes or running it’s advisable to opt for specialist shoes. The major manufacturers are making a science out of sports footwear these days, which means many offer built-in health features and super foot support.

Follow this link for a handy guide to choosing appropriate running shoes.

Would you add any shoes to this list? Let me know in the comments!