Dreaming Of The Tropics + I'm Famous?!

This was a Memorial Day weekend to remember! I got to spend amazing quality time with the family, shared great memories with friends and family, drank some good wine & clearly had an adventurous photoshoot with my sister. I loved how tropical feeling the lobby was and felt my outfit was perfect for the scenery! *dramatically stares into the distance dreaming of a tropical beach*

While using our hotel as a set for a photoshoot I got some odd stares, got to look at some nice eye candy and had people think I was famous. 

Four pictures up was the exact middle of the lobby which happened to be right in front of the clear glass elevators. While shooting, these girls in the elevator started viscously waving and freaking out so we waved back and smiled. After that, they just started freaking out again and covering their mouths. I was visible that they were saying "OMG OMG OMG." These are the exact words from my sister "OMG they think you're famous, you're Alexa Chung." It was so funny and warmed my heart that someone thought I was this famous person. I mean hey, I guess I'll just act the part ;) 

You also might think the first picture above is a bit out of place but it is here for good reason, don't worry. While shooting in that same location we had these two guys come up to us saying "OMG can you take a picture of me and my cousin?! Are we going to be on Youtube?! Because you can post it to YouTube." So now along with a famous blogger or model, I am also a famous Youtuber. So of course we shot the pic and though it is not on Youtube, I thought I would give them that fame they wanted here on my blog. If only we could have this go viral and somehow find them and then we end up on Ellen :'D